On-Demand Board Consultations

The Pioneer Library System offers on-site trustee training and consultation to member library boards. Sessions are free, customizable and brought to your library upon request. They generally last 90 minutes, but can be tailored to fit time requirements. Currently available for scheduling:

Roles and Responsibilities of Library Trustees
Get the basics on trustee responsibilities, including the role of the library director. We’ll explore the concept of collective authority, and how local public library boards fit into the bigger picture of the New York State Board of Regents.

How to Run Effective Library Board Meetings
Learn about the role of the Board President, the basics of Robert’s Rules, and how to most effectively make use of trustees’ time together.

Organizing a Successful Job Search Strategy for a Library Director/Manager
Explore the steps to take in finding your next library director/manager. We’ll come prepared to help you navigate job descriptions, job postings and interview techniques.

Alternate Funding and Governance Options for Your Library
Learn about your library's options to secure adequate operational funding.

New York Library Trustees Online (NYLTO) Demonstrations
As Pioneer member libraries, trustees have access to a wide range of online resources through www.nylto.org. We’ll visit your library for a demonstration, and be available for Q&A following.